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Even if your facility is successful at this point, there's still more you can do to increase revenue and enhance your reputation. Businesses that remain stagnant never grow; they remain the same and oftentimes don't continuously drive in patients. The main culprit of a successful medical facility decreasing in profibility or not continously bringing in new patients revolves around the competition who is setting new goals each year.

1. Billing System Changes
A billing system alters a patient's perception of a facility when it's not accurate. Electronic medical records combined with a strong electronic billing system generate less errors. They enhance the facility's efficiency, allowing staff members to focus more on patient care rather than the billing aspect. Ultimately, the facility is able to assist patients better and handle a larger patient load.

2. Reward the Staff
If you're not already showing your appreciation to your staff, you need to show them your gratitude for taking care of your patients. When employees feel like what they do matters to the employer, they're more likely to assist patients in any way they can. Employees who aren't appreciated don't go above and beyond. Oftentimes, the discontent they feel for their employer reflects on the level of care they provide. Medical professionals who assist patients in any way they can help develop a better reputation within the community, ultimately leading to more patients becoming interested in the practice. Host catered events that show gratitude. Find incentives like gift cards that show appreciation without costing the facility a great deal. 

3. Improve Advertising
You need to get your name out in the public, whether that is improving your website or developing a social media feed. Patients won't know your facility if you're not putting it out there. Most patients are researching medical practices online using geo-targeted keywords. If nobody in the facility is savvy with search engine optimization or social media management, outsource the tasks to someone who is able to assist with reaching out to potential patients.

4. Emphasis the Importance of Compassion
It's vital as an employer to stress the importance of having compassion and truly connecting with patients. Far too often, doctors, nurses and other employees aren't connecting with patients. They may not always make eye contact and create an environment where patients feel inferior to the professionals. This turns patients off when the staff isn't addressing their concerns and making them feel as though they matter. The disconnect leads to a huge turnover and possibily a poor reputation in the community. It's even more important nowadays to consider the patient experience in a world where a negative experience may be posted on several outlets across the Internet.