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Even when you strive to provide the best care, you can't always prevent every chronic or terminal condition. One of the more difficult aspects of being a physician is being there during difficult times, in particular when you have to deliver the news of a chronic or terminal condition. However, this aspect of the job doesn't always come naturally to everyone. 

Even if your facility is successful at this point, there's still more you can do to increase revenue and enhance your reputation. Businesses that remain stagnant never grow; they remain the same and oftentimes don't continuously drive in patients. The main culprit of a successful medical facility decreasing in profibility or not continously bringing in new patients revolves around the competition who is setting new goals each year.

The Internet of Things. If you aren't into tech, you may not be familiar with the term or understand what it means. As simply as possible, the Internet of Things or IoT is the vast network of interconnected devices. It encompasses virtually all emerging technologies and will impact our daily lives in ways it is difficult to comprehend. Already, in its infancy, it is impacting healthcare and will continue to do so as more devices become connected and more alliances are formed between companies and machines. Here are Seven Ways the Internet of Things Affects Healthcare. 

In healthcare, we have all dealt with difficult or challenging patients at times. These encounters can range from the hostile verbal assaults from angry or dissatisfied individuals to the long, exhausting encounters with emotionally needy patients. While some of us are more gifted at interpersonal communication than others, we can all benefit from the following tips. 


Your medical office’s patient portal is a valuable tool for both staff and patients. However, getting your patients to use the patient portal can be a bit challenging. Many older adults may not be a savvy with a computer as the younger generation. On the other hand, the younger generation may not realize the value of the patient portal. Let’s look at 10 ways your staff can encourage patients to use the patient portal.

Patients come into your office looking for advice on the best procedure for their needs. They want to know the facts, and they rely on your knowledge and guidance. Being honest about a procedure is important and necessary, yet you don't want to risk them canceling the procedure since as a practitioner, you rely on their business. In order to maintain your clients and still remain truthful, it takes careful thought on the presentation

Just because you have a full patient load doesn't mean you should put a halt on your marketing. It doesn't take long for changes to occur within your practice that alter your patient list and ultimately change the revenue you generate. Can you honestly afford to have slow spells when you yourself have financial obligations inside and outside of your practice?

Engaging with your patient base helps to keep your appointment calendar full, and your revenue stream flowing. Now more than ever, patients are looking at their medical treatment from a consumer standpoint. With evolving technology, media, and social networks, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse of potential points of client engagement. People are now relying on reviews instead of old-fashioned word-of-mouth and lists of practitioners from insurance websites. There are ways to engage with your patient base, and to grow it, which are low-cost. Here are 4 ways to engage with your patient base.