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Download PDF MediGain Webinar a Huge Success  -MediGain, a medical billing and reimbursements company, paired with ADP AdvancedMD, a medical billing software company, for a Healthcare Reform webinar last week that aimed to help physicians prepare for the ever changing landscape of healthcare. To say it went well would be an understatement. With hundreds in attendance, Eric Beier, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer of MediGain, Andrew Rowell, District Manager, ADP AdvancedMD, April Arzate, MBA, VP of Client Services at MediGain and Robert Romero, VP of Business Development at MediGain shared their expert advice on various healthcare topics.


If you missed the webinar and would like to view the video now, click here. After filling out the form you will receive a free eBook, “The Top 10 Metrics to Maximize Your Practice’s Revenue.”


The webinar kicked off with Dr. Beier discussing the changing landscape of healthcare and healthcare reform. “I wanted to share with the attendees what I felt was most important, so I mentioned a few points that will not only help their practice be more efficient, but also flourish.” He also spoke about how a practice can prepare for healthcare reform and provided some helpful tips.


With every practice being advised to use electronic health records (EHRs), Rowell discussed why they are useful and how physicians can profit from EHRs from the meaningful use program. There are also many myths circulating involving EHRs that Rowell “busted.” For example, some physicians feel the need to maintain the existing paper chart system for financial reasons. Some also believe that electronic records are not as secure as paper patient files. Rowell shared how and why those myths are false.


Romero, a revenue cycle management executive, shared the benefits of hiring a professional, full-service medical billing services company. A couple points he touched on were the clean claims submission rate a practice can have with an experienced billing company such as MediGain and the total percentage of reimbursable money a practice can collect.


Arzate talked about how to prepare for ICD-10. She offered some great advice on how a practice can be more organized. A practice should always be prepared to be audited, says Arzate. It is important to not miss any deadlines and to send in any documentation that supports a specific claim. Arzate mentioned that it is wise to track an audited claim and also appeal denials.

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MediGain is a global full-service revenue cycle management and healthcare analytics company devoted to improving billing, collections, and outcomes for healthcare providers and the patients they serve. With over 400 employees, MediGain provides solutions for physician groups, provider networks, ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals enabling them to reach their maximum potential through improved operational, financial, and clinical outcomes.