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About Us - MediGain Practice Management, Medical Billing and Reimbursement

MediGain Practice Management is a full-service revenue cycle management company that enables healthcare providers to navigate and succeed in an increasingly complex reimbursement environment. MediGain Practice Management has an integrated portfolio of leading information technology, processes, and domain expertise solutions to address the wide array of threats to the financial health of medical practices, clinics, hospitals, and other essential providers.

Our approach to revenue cycle management, medical billing and reimbursement is comprehensive, practical and innovative. We leverage people, processes, information technology, and service to maximize the financial and operational performance, and ultimately the clinical performance, of our clients.

People.   A highly focused and experienced team of professionals whose backgrounds are in medicine, health information systems, finance, and business outsourcing leads MediGain Practice Management.

Processes.   We employ and integrate best practice business processes into our clients' organizations to increase operational efficiency, thereby controlling and avoiding costs and increasing revenue generation and retention.

Information Technology.   We have identified, vetted, and implemented industry-leading health information systems and software in our client organizations. We offer proprietary cloud-based practice management, EHR and mobile healthcare solutions to practices and providers helping them to improve operational efficiencies and reduce expenses.  In addition, we developed customized software solutions for client analytics, operations integration, and automated telephone calls.

MediGain Practice Management's approach works and our growth reflects it.   Today, we represent an expanding portfolio of providers across the country, from coast to coast and border to border. In addition, we are one of the fastest growing companies in our industry as a result of the success of our business model driving both rapid organic growth, and inorganic growth from the acquisition of other leading companies who seek to join our team.

MediGain Practice Management Advances.  During 4Q16, MediGain Practice Management ramped up additional subject matter experts – IT professionals to provide targeted support and guidance, in-house attorneys to pursue high value insurance reimbursement appeals, and additional denial management and follow-up experts – who are hard at work supporting the broader MediGain Practice Management team.  This exciting new infusion of talent was possible as a result of the official closing of MediGain Practice Management’s acquisition of the assets of MediGain, LLC and Millennium Practice Management, LLC, which closed in October 2016.