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MediGain Practice Management’s ASC Billing Division is made up nationally recognized experts in billing and reimbursement for ambulatory surgery centers. They are frequently asked to present their strategies and procedures at Becker’s ASC Conference and other industry gatherings.

MediGain Practice Management's ASC Billing Division will teach you and your staff the fine-tuning needed so your reimbursement levels can increase 30 to 50 percent. We teach and implement more controls over your accounts and seek maximum reimbursement.

Our profit-building activities for our AMBULATORY SURGERY CENTERS include: 

1) Reimbursement Maximization– Many ASCs leave money on the table because they simply do not understand how to overcome stalls, denials and underpayments caused by the insurance companies. We rise above these obstacles and teach your staff the proper procedures. 

2) A/R Management – Believe it or not, a 70% recovery rate is not that good. We have received 90% of billed charges with some insurance carriers. 

3) Third Party Negotiation – We will do the legwork of dealing with outside third party discount brokers, and actually negotiate numerous times on some claims to receive the reimbursement levels your ASC deserves.

4) Under-payments – It is common for ASCs not to get paid the full amount they have billed. We fight to maximize reimbursements for your services. 

5) Denials/Medical Stalls/Appeals – When insurance companies deny or stall a claim, persistence is critical. Our highly trained team will stay on the case until you get paid. 

6) Staff Training & Office Setup – The ASC Billing Specialist will train your office staff so they know how to efficiently work with the new setup. It’s easier than you might think!

Click Here to DownloadThe Top Six Reasons to Use Medigain’s ASC Billing Division 

   We work with and train your staff

   Working better plans for better revenue 47-73% improvement in positive cash flow

   We will teach you how to market your ASC to get more and better patients

MediGain Practice Management’s full service capabilities include: