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As payers have become increasingly stringent in their review and denial of claims, physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals have had to dedicate more resources to reworking claims to combat the interruption in cash flow that denials cause.

MediGain Practice Management offers physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals a focused denials management solution to ensure a swift resolution to denied claims. Our sophisticated software automatically identifies denied claims by payer, patient, physician and denial code, and places them in queue for immediate follow up. The software identifies and analyzes troubling trends to initiate corrective solutions and prevent future denials. Lastly, it provides detailed reports to document opportunities for improvement as well as positive developments. This data enables the MediGain Practice Management Denials Management Team to approach problematic payers and determine the cause of denials and payer-supported solutions.

MediGain Practice Management also has certified coders who perform denials management. This two-pronged approach, software and dedicated staff, results in the rapid resolution of denied claims and swifter reimbursement.