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What are your rates?

MediGain Practice Management's pricing model - we charge clients a percentage of net billing or collections (fulfillment basis). There are no upfront set-up fees, monthly fees or additional fees. The only time MediGain charges a fee is when a successful bill or collection account is paid.  Our fee is generally at or below the rates our competitors charge, yet the scope of services and results we generate are unmatched by our competitors.

 In addition, we provide your practice with a top-tier EHR and Practice Management System, supported by an array of mHealth smart apps, as part of our service. MediGain Practice Management's comprehensive portfolio of services is structured to allow clients to strategically select individual services or bundle multiple services. It is a flexible approach that allows you to customize a solution that maximizes your financial and operational performance.

What is MediGain Practice Management’s focus?

We are focused on revenue cycle management, business process outsourcing, and related consulting services for the healthcare industry. Our clients include independent and hospital-owned medical practices, clinics, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Within the medical sector, we concentrate on specialties and subspecialties with complex billing issues, bringing a wealth of experience and resources to our clients. We are committed to continuously improving and fine-tuning our processes, information technology, and people, and to being an innovator in the healthcare industry.

What is MediGain Practice Management’s business model and what advantage does it offer clients?

MediGain Practice Management is a global company led by a U.S.- based leadership team with operations performed in the US and in our offices overseas. Our operation teams are supported by industry-leading information technology. This business model is extremely advantageous to our clients who enjoy one-on-one attention along with the expertise of consultants, client services and key leadership in the United States, and the benefits of lower cost and quicker processing of data from our global, highly trained operations team.

What type of revenue cycle management services does MediGain Practice Management provide?

We provide revenue cycle management services for physician’s offices, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals. We specialize in high value and complex medical specialty services.  We provide early stage as well as delinquent account collections. Our highly qualified staff successfully handles commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and private pay accounts. MediGain Practice Management account managers are benchmarked against stringent client standards to ensure the highest level of collections while ensuring proper collections practices adherence.

How does MediGainPractice Management process claims for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance companies?

MediGain Practice Management’s Cloud-based software connects directly with Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance providers. We reach the balance of insurance companies via one or more leading clearinghouses. Our billing software does initial claims scrubbing for errors prior to claims submission. The clearinghouse also checks to ensure claims are not sent with errors. For insurance companies that do not have electronic claims submission, MediGain Practice Management uses the manual claims submission fulfillment center.

Does MediGain Practice Management require contracts and provide certain guarantees?

MediGain Practice Management requires clients to commit to contracts with specific volume guarantees. Contracts are structured on a case-by-case basis and are written to protect the shared interests of the client and MediGain Practice Management.