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Incomplete or inaccurate coding and documentation represents a significant threat to income. Medical practices routinely leave money on the table by under coding or under documenting services. Sometimes code-able procedures are missed altogether. Perhaps even more troubling, coding errors and documentation gaps can make your organization vulnerable to a government or payer audit, creating a significant and costly financial risk

MediGain Practice Management will help mitigate the risks associated with coding and documentation issues through these services:

  • Coding and Documentation Audits. 

    MediGain Practice Management will conduct an in-depth audit of our clients' billing records to identify issues and opportunities associated with coding and documentation, for an additional fee. Correcting a trend of under-coding certain procedures can lead to “new” income. The audit includes recommendations on how to correct revenue leaks and compliance risks, and recommends solutions to avoid future issues.

  • Physician-to-Physician Education. 

    The complexities of coding are often challenging to physicians since they are focused on patient care and often have not been trained in the nuances of appropriate coding and documentation of their services. However, physicians are the critical link to appropriate coding and documentation of their services. MediGain Practice Management’s Executives are available to lead physician-to-physician education sessions designed to inform, engage, and secure buy-in on critical coding and documentation practices to improve revenue and reduce compliance risk.

  • Healthcare Expert Advice. 

    MediGain Practice Management can work with you on coding and documentation-related issues with the goal of helping you achieve the coding and documentation accuracy necessary to comply with payer requirements, maximize profits and mitigate the risk of government audits.