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Purchasing and maintaining a practice management system represents a major expense for most medical practices. MediGain Practice Management gives you access to advanced practice management systems without the ongoing expense of maintenance and upgrades. We provide your practice with a top-tier Practice Management System as part of our service.

You will obtain a comprehensive tool that boosts staff efficiency, optimizes billing and workflow processes, and supports patient care and satisfaction. Just as important, you will gain the expertise of our staff in utilizing the software we provide for maximum efficiency and effectiveness of your practice.

MediGain Practice Management partners with the top-tier practice management system providers with packages which include modules and information to support:

Patient scheduling and registration
Eligibility verification
Charge capture
Claims tracking
Rules compliance
Payer rules maintenance
ANSI 5010 HIPAA electronic billing standards
Online updates of CPT codes
ICD-10 facts and alerts

MediGain Practice Management provides client support throughout implementation and staff training to ensure your staff understands and takes advantage of all of the benefits of these powerful practice management software solutions.