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Predicting the financial performance of your practice is difficult at best. Not knowing when you'll get your money and how much you're going to collect creates major headaches. How would you like a solution that:

  • Interprets financial results
  • Gives you plain English explanations to hospital, practice and ambulatory surgery center trends
  • Anticipates monthly cash flow
  • Suggests corrective actions to negative trends
  • Helps you identify the best mix of patients
  • Helps you identify the best payer mix

MediGain has introduced a proprietary predictive analytics platform that empowers medical practices, ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals to decipher disparate clinical, operational and financial data. By providing instant access to current data, MediGain equips practice decision makers with strategic insight and unparalleled transparency to improve top- and bottom-line performance, while enhancing the quality and delivery of care.

Our cloud-based, predictive analytics platform identifies trends, predicts the impact on cash flow, and offers remedial action. For example, if a payer is reimbursing claims at a lower than expected level, the platform detects the issue, shows the projected income loss and suggests a solution. It also supports simple and sophisticated queries using intelligent algorithms, empowering you to quickly search and find needed data.

This is possible using intelligent software that collects, aggregates, parses, and normalizes data, and then presents instant views into financial, operational and clinical performance. You have access to easy-to-understand dashboards, in-depth reports, and actionable intelligence statistics that provide clear insight into how your practice, hospital or ambulatory surgery center is performing.

Additionally, we provide client services from implementation and training to account management and performance advocacy. We also provide consulting services for clients who need the additional help to understand issues and execute solutions.

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MediGain’s full service capabilities include:

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