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From the moment at which a patient schedules an appointment with your practice, hospital or ambulatory surgery center until payment of the full allowed amount is received, most medical practices have serious revenue leaks. Some are obvious, but others are not so obvious.

MediGain can help identify, and more importantly, plug these costly revenue leaks by conducting an analysis of your billing practices. Using a combination of experienced consultants and advanced analytical software, we will identify issues, opportunities, and historical and real-time trends related to:

  • Patient eligibility and pre-certification
  • Coding accuracy and benchmark comparisons
  • Denied Claims (with in-depth root-cause)
  • Payer contract monitoring
  • Payer reimbursement performance
  • Physician revenue and compliance performance
  • Patient demographics
  • Procedure analysis
Once revenue cycle issues and opportunities are identified, MediGain can develop and implement a strategy through revenue cycle management to help your practice, hospital or ambulatory surgery center plug revenue leaks and capture lost income. The benefits can be significant.