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- Gastroenterologist in a Multi-specialty Practice

"With ten physicians in our multi-specialty practice, our billing department was overwhelmed by the growing caseload, frustrated by the bureaucracy of payers, and challenged to keep up. Our physicians didn't have the time or expertise to provide the necessary oversight. Since going with MediGain Practice Management, we've implemented electronic billing and a more systematic approach to claims processing and collections. There's been a great improvement in collections! I am now able to focus on patient care again."

- Multi-Doctor Pulmonary Specialists Practice

“We used to have three internal full time employees who spent a portion of their time on our billing needs, they were swamped. We outsourced all our billing and reimbursement to MediGain Practice Management expecting them to be our full-service revenue cycle management/billing and reimbursement provider. Those employees we had devoting some of their time to billing could now focus on their core competencies. In two years our expenses have decreased 23%, and our net revenue has increased 47%. MediGain Practice Management has far exceeded our expectations.”

- Emergency Medicine Physician

"In just the first six months since MediGain Practice Management took over our billing from another billing company, we've seen our revenue grow 12.4 percent with no change in patient volume. I would highly recommend MediGain Practice Management to other physicians."